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What's in a name? Would a rose by any other smell as sweet?

Well, maybe. A name is not a name. A brand is not a logo. Colors aren't your character. Your product isn't what you sell.

Branding is the art of the infinitesimal. It breathes life in your company and birds sing flowers bloom the sun shines bright the windows are open and ahhhhhh. You have direction.

Every time you've struggled to post on social media, you've needed branding.

Every time the pen hits the paper but doesn't even give a wiggle, you've needed branding.

Every time you've fallen to your knees and screamed at the Gods in the sky above about a pain so deep you cannot fathom its depths and you despair, heartbroken and blighted by the unmet expectations and hubris of man, Prometheus, Sisyphus, you've needed branding.

Branding gives your brand life.

Everybody likes life.

Let it live.